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I love to travel. So far, I've visited some 30 odd countries on 4 continents and lived and worked in Sweden, England, and California, USA. My favorite spots are Scandinavia (after all, that's where I come from), the Alps (the most gorgeous mountains in the world), and south east Asia (a delight for both mind and body), but pretty much every place you go to have something unique to offer as long as you're willing to look for it. Being born and raised in a photography family, I have tons of pictures from my trips and I hope to have more of them scanned and entered here some time soon. I also started writing travel journals a couple of years ago, and will be sharing more of them here too. Be aware that they are just that -- journals, written by and for me -- and that they may or may not be interesting to you. However, they are part of my life and if you have any curiosity about it after reading this, you're welcome to share.

bulletPhoto: Lövstrandfilm. Selected travel shots from the four corners of the world. [Upcoming]
bulletDeep in the Heart of Africa, wild life from Lake Tanganyika through Masai Mara to Lamu by the Indian Ocean. January 1987. [Upcoming]
bulletEgypt: A Journey to 2800 BC using Seven Modes of Transport (Plane, Train, Camel, Bus, Felucca, Car, Boat, and Horse). [Upcoming]
bulletAll Around Thailand in 15 Days or Less (42KB, ~13p), a travel diary from a whirlwind tour of Thailand in November 1993. [Photos upcoming]
bulletThrough the Valley of Death and Back Again (50KB + 50 images), a short journal from a trip to Death Valley, California, April 1995.
bulletThe Greener Grass (~50p), a longer travel journal d'un voyage dursch die Alpen in three languages (med lite svenska med). July/August 1995. [Upcoming]
bulletSome pictures from my childhood home in Tormestorp, Sweden.  December 1995.
bulletHawaii on The Fly (33KB + 46 images), one-way ticket travel to Maui and Kauai. May 1996.
bulletGood Bye   Eating snake in Guangzhou, gambling in Macao, and watching Hong Kong return to the Motherland while the sky was painted red -- literally.  June-July 1997.  [Upcoming]
bulletSouthbound Sails (23 pages with 100+ images), a sailing trip from San Francisco to Ensenada, Mexico.  December 1997.
bulletImages from Whistler, Canada (14 to be exact, no talk). A ski trip with Wendy, Stu, Dianna, Corby, Mike, Mo, and Mike too. February 1998.
bulletThursday's First International Pub Crawl, 4 short days of drinking and eating in Cambridge, London, and Paris.  April 1998.
bulletL & H's Most Excellent European Vacation, three weeks in England, France, Switzerland, Sweden, and Belgium.  July 1998.
bulletChasing Shadows -- The Total Eclipse of The Sun -99.  Austria, August 1999. [Upcoming]
bulletA taste of Iceland.  30 images from three very short days in & around Reykjavik, Iceland.  May 2000.




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