Skiing at Whistler, Canada, February 1998


Images of Whistler, Canada.

February 9-13, 1998.

A ski trip with Wendy, Stu, Dianna, Corby, Mike, Mo, and Mike too.

9802A02-FreshPowder.jpg (81920 bytes)
Fresh powder

9802A03-WhistlerHut.jpg (81920 bytes)
The top hut

9802A04-WhistlerDownhill.jpg (81920 bytes)
View downhill

9802A07-MidstationAndMountain.jpg (81920 bytes)
The mid station and the mountain

9802A08-WhistlerValley2.jpg (81920 bytes)
Whistler valley

9802A09-WhistlerBase.jpg (81920 bytes)

9802A11-LennartAtLunch.jpg (81920 bytes)
Lennart at lunch

9802A12-StuInChute.jpg (81920 bytes)
Stu shooting down the chute

9802A13-StuAtCrystalHut.jpg (81920 bytes)
Blizzard at Crystal hut

9802A14-FoggyLift.jpg (81920 bytes)
Foggy lifts

9802A16-Foggy7thHeaven.jpg (77824 bytes)
Whiteout at 7th Heaven

9802A18-StuAndWendySnoozing.jpg (77824 bytes)
Stu and Wendy snoozing

9802A29-VancouverInPurple.jpg (81920 bytes)
Vancouver in purple

9802A31-ChairWithEggs.jpg (81920 bytes)
A nested chair


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