Lennart's Poems


2 B | ~ 2 B (ehum).

No, I don't claim to be much of a poet, but I sometimes feel the urge to express myself without always knowing how to. So, I dabble a little with words, especially when feeling a bit moody and down.  In Swedish and/or English...

bulletOne Life, May 1994.
bulletDamp Darkness, May 1994.
bulletReturn, May 1994.
bulletFrom Nothing, May 1994.
bulletMindless Confusion, October 1994.
bulletYour Smile, October 1994.
bulletCat Life, October 1994.
bulletMother, October 1994.
bulletBevingad / Winged, October 1994.
bulletRestless, November 1994.
bulletI Seek, August, 1996.
bulletTime Passes, August, 1996.
bulletWhat Happened?, August, 1996.
bulletA Lifetime, August, 1996.
bulletElusive Elizabeth, November, 1996.
bulletExistence in Motion, April 1998.
bulletLost Love, November 1999.

(And yes, 1994 was a pretty poetically prolific year for me.)



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