Lennart's Favorite Quotes


Words that somehow made a difference to me -- or at least made me laugh... or cry... or both.


bulletA Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns.
bulletmay i feel said he by e.e. cummings
bulletJa visst gör det ont / Of Course It Hurts by Karin Boye
bulletLove or Infatuation? by Ann Landers.
bulletAtt älska allt / To Love Everything by Harry Lövstrand
bulletNågon är din bäste vän / Someone is your best friend by Bo Setterlind


bulletNe me quitte pas -- If you go away as written and sung by Jacques Brel.
bulletHappiness lies for those who cry... (Author Unknown)
bullet"Trust and Risk" -- from the ending words of The Two-Step / The Dance Towards Intimacy by Eileen McCann & Douglas Shannon.
bulletSometimes When We Touch by Dan Hill.
bulletFather to Son by Phil Collins.
bulletIf you don't love me by now by Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes.


bulletTo Thine Own Self Be True (Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 3) by William Shakespeare.
bulletCorny but true: Life's Little Instructions by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
bulletEveryone's Free to Wear Sunscreen by Mary Schmich.
bulletAn excerpt from A Year In Provence by Peter Mayle.
bulletI rörelse / In Motion by Karin Boye.


bulletI Have A Dream... by Dr. Martin Luther King.
bulletClosing address from The Great Dictator by Sir Charles Chaplin.
bulletWords from Sound of Music. (OK, so I have a soppy side too).
bulletFrusen själ / Frozen Soul by the Swedish song-writer Robert Karl-Oskar Broberg.
bulletChanser får man inte... / You don't get chances... by "Ta chansen, Östersund"


bulletA Dream Within A Dream by Edgar Allen Poe

Vivacious, Wacky, or Just Plain Silly

bulletToday's Special, the introduction to Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins.
bulletLars Vegas' Julglögg (Sorry, in Swedish only.)

(More will be coming up once I get them online.)



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