Tormestorp, Christmas 1995


Tormestorp, Christmas 1995

Almost still at -15 °C

THESE ARE A FEW pictures from Tormestorp in southern Sweden taken last Christmas (1995). As an experiment, I signed up with Seattle FilmWorks to try their movie stock color film and PhotoMail Internet scan service. I have to admit that I'm not all that crazy with the end result, though. The scans are very fuzzy and often have colors that "bleed" into each other. It's almost as if the images were frame grabbed from video instead of scanned with a good quality slide scanner. Still, it's quite inexpensive, so I guess you get what you pay for. 24 pictures scanned at 640 x 480 are $3.95 in conjunction with film processing or $9.95 without. They also supply you with free viewing software, which you need because they use a proprietary format. It's OK, but a bit clumsy to work with.

THIS IS MY PARENT'S house. The bushes you see along the fence and the ones next to the house are all roses. It's absolutely gorgeous in the summer and we've had visitors who drove half way across the country to see

Norra Byvägen 22

The Big Birch Tree

OUR BACK YARD IS dominated by this huge birch tree. It was quite large when I lived there, but it has grown even bigger since then. The garden is otherwise full of flowers from all over Europe and even has a vegetable section to the right where we grow potatoes, carrots, radishes, lettuce, rhubarb, and a lot of different berries. The flowers are my parent's main pride and joy (except for me, of course ;-) and they spend an amazing amount of time caring for them.

OUR LIVING ROOM. MY dad plays the piano in the front left, although not quite as much as he used to. I took some lessons when I was a kid, but never really got the hang of it. Now, I regret not having worked harder at it, because I'd really like to be able to play some instrument. As it is, I can barely clink along on a few memorized melodies.

Living Room

Birch View

IF YOU THOUGHT THAT the birch tree was large before, check this view out from the window in the right of the previous picture! It basically takes over the whole viewing field, at least if you stand a little away from the window and use a telefocus lens. ;-)

FINALLY, NEW YEAR'S GREETINGS from the city of Lund in southern Sweden. This is me and my friend Martin Gren on our way to a Nyårsbalunce at Folkets Park with some of Martin's 200 closest friends. Skål, broder!

(In case you are wondering, that white dot on my forehead is actually on a little hat that is part of the mask I'm wearing.)

Lennart & Martin




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