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Free Software!

Come and get it. These are a few packages that I've had my hands on in some way or another. Note that this is unsupported software. I try to fix any problems that I get to know about, but there are no guarantees. Also note that although this is free stuff, my code is not in the public domain. That is to say, you can freely distribute any of it as long as you don't try to make money of it. If there is something you'd like to sell, drop me a note and tell me about it.


Fresh Wares!

For MacOS:

ImageXplorer 1.0α (prerelease, ~460KB dmg)
ImageXplorer is yet another image organizer / movie viewer / slide show presenter, but instead of trying to take over everything for you like iPhoto does, ImageXplorer focuses on just two things: Speed and Simplicity.  It features a fast, multithreaded JPEG thumbnailer based on Evolution's EPEG library and allows you to quickly and easily browse and reorganize your media files while previewing their content.  EXIF orientation is supported and JPEG images can be losslessly rotated and flipped.  For presentations, you can show images & movies full screen, either individually or as part of a slide show.

Please note that this is a prerelease of work in progress.  Thank you!

Antiquidated Stuff


ImageViewer 0.9k (573KB tar.gz)
A multi-format image file viewer and image conversion filter for NEXTSTEP 3.X. My first real NeXT app. Does ais, atkras, brush, eps, face, gif, icon, ilisp, itex, jpg3, macp1, mtek, pbm, pgm, ppm, ps, ras2, rle, tiff, and xbm. <Puh>
Plug-ins for Mail 3.3 (96KB tar.Z)
Put these .bundle files in your ~/Library/Mail directory and Mail.app under NEXTSTEP 3.3 will automatically load them the next time you run it. The bundles include Urlifier.bundle to automatically detect World-Wide Web URLs in received messages, MessageQuoter.bundle that will do "> "-style quoting in replies, Resend.bundle that allows you to resend messages, SunMessage.bundle that automatically decodes Sun MailTool messages with attachments, and ExtraCommands.bundle that adds a bunch of more-or-less useful menu commands to Mail. Here's a link to the README file.
TEdit Viewer and Converter (tar.Z)
TEdit is a multi-media editor for Xerox Lisp, née Interlisp-D. This package implements a viewer and RTF converter for TEdit documents. Source for NEXTSTEP 2.2.
NSPopper: A POP3 server for NEXTSTEP
I didn't actually write this, but I did fix a few bugs and implemented a couple of extra commands (including UIDL for Netscape users). I also made sure that it used the correct mailbox locking mechanism for use under NEXTSTEP. Based on the "popper" package v1.831b from UC Berkeley.
bulletQuad-fat binary for NEXTSTEP 3.X (41KB tar.Z)
bulletSource for ditto (66KB tar.Z)
bulletDescription of changes (2KB plain text)
bulletInstallation instructions (6KB html)


For UNIX in general:

The IDA Sendmail Enhancement Kit
It was a dark and stormy night too long ago for me to clearly remember, but somewhere around 1986, I put together a set of patches to the UNIX sendmail program together with a totally redesigned configuration file and called the package the IDA Sendmail Enhancement Kit. Since I had found it useful myself, I thought others might like it too. Still, I was totally unprepared to what happened. Within a year or two, it had spread to more sites in more countries that I could keep track of and it's still in widespread use today some 10 years after it originally was conceived (albeit somewhat modified from the original version).




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