Lennart's Place in San Francisco, California


Here is where it is, in the heart of San Francisco!  Landers Street is located just south of Market in the Mission Dolorest district.  It is a quiet side street bounded by Church to the west and Dolores to the east, 15th to the north and 16th to the south.

101-Landers-Map.gif (29061 bytes)


The real estate's listing:

Mission Dolores This building screams 1886 period! Beautiful patterns of inlaid wood in the floors, high ceilings, ornate moldings and rear deck. Rooms are filled with light. Landers is a quiet street just one block away from restaurants, shopping and transportation. Offered by Lynne Jassem


The way it looks now:

New: More pictures: All Around the House!

Street-N.jpg (81920 bytes)
Landers Street (looking north)
House-NE-1.jpg (77035 bytes)
101 Landers (looking northeast)
Street-E.jpg (81920 bytes)
Action Alley (looking east)
House-NW.jpg (81920 bytes)
101 Landers (looking northwest)
House-SE.jpg (81920 bytes)
101 Landers (looking southeast)
Street-S.jpg (81920 bytes)
Landers Street (looking south)
U-Hall-N.jpg (27408 bytes)
Hallway (upper unit)

U-Hall-NE.jpg (77824 bytes)
Hall / middle room (upper unit)

U-Kitchen-SW.jpg (81920 bytes)
Kitchen (upper unit)
U-Kitchen-NW.jpg (81920 bytes)
Kitchen (upper unit)
U-Bath-SE.jpg (81920 bytes)
Bathroom (upper unit)
U-Porch-W.jpg (81920 bytes)
Extension (upper unit, from bath)
U-Porch-S.jpg (81920 bytes)
Outside extension (upper unit)
Deck-N.jpg (81920 bytes)
Garage roof deck (opposite ext, not legal)
Yard-E.jpg (81920 bytes)
Back stairs
Yard-SW.jpg (20480 bytes)
Yard (looking southwest)
BackStairs.jpg (16019 bytes)
Back stairs next to garage

D-Living-SE.jpg (16384 bytes)
Living room (upper unit)


Here is the floor plan:

101-Landers-Plan-2.gif (3735 bytes)



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