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from:    Lennart LŲvstrand  
  Millennium Midsummer Madness
when: Saturday, June 24 2:00 pm to 12:00 am
location: Sveadal / Uvas Canyon County Park
notes: Edit Notes

The herring allures you...
The aquavit commands you...
The singing makes you want to run the hell away...

...but nevertheless you come. Why? Because you can't help it. Like the Christmases of your childhood and the birthdays of your adolescence, you now find yourself wanting -- no, needing -- no, DEMANDING -- a quick solstice fix to set your body free and your spirit soaring. Or should that be liquor pouring? Never mind, the time has come to once again gather the Brethren of the Holy Herring and Friends of the Matjes for a celebration of Light in the Middle of the Winter... No, wait, that was Lucia... I mean Middle of Summer. (I guess we Swedes just like to celebrate Light, no matter when.)

The traditional fare of pickled herring, chives, sour cream, and potatoes will be provided together with bread, cheese, and ice cold shots of Swedish aquavit. Please BYOB(eer) and anything else you'd want to eat. This year, I thought weíd try to go completely Swedish and celebrate in the midst of Mother Nature.

Please note that space at the site is likely to be limited, so firm responses plus counts are much appreciated. Thank you.

For more explanations on what all this is about, see the Organizer. For descriptions of previous Sillphests, see the totally pathetic Lennart's Parties Page.

(Fiddler not included. Maypole optional. Green grass... in California? You gotta be kidding!)

*** UPDATE! *** UPDATE! *** UPDATE! ***

We have a location and a change of time. We even have a Maypole and a Swedish folk rock band!

Read more about it by clicking here:
Midsummer Millennium Madness Addendum.

(Evite has a very silly limit on the note size.)

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9  17  16 

Absolut!ģ (Attending)  9
 Lennart LŲvstrand: (The Organizer)(6/21)
 Steve All: (+ 1 guest) Jo Dee and I say a DEFINITE MAYBE! (How do you say THAT in Swedish?) No camping, though. (6/24)
 Paul Roy: Will be there! (6/22)
 Rupindera Rai: I can drive if we need a pickup truck and the truckbed would hold alot of gear. (6/21)
 Suzanne Bloomer: Yeh!! I'm so glad you found some where. Hope it's not Too crowded. I'm still in- Like- For sure!! (6/21)
 Miriam Gschwendt: Klingt genial....!!! (6/21)
 Jennifer Pratt: Absolutly ja! Hooray for bark! Let me know if you need frogs. (6/20)
 Corby Anderson: I wish I could come... and... well... so I shall! (6/20)
 Mike Perka: Did someone say herring? I'm so there! (6/16)
 Kieca Mahoney: Does Completely Swedish mean nekkid too? ;) (6/15)

Who? Me? (Undecided)  17
 Mary Lunneborg
 Annika Ohlsson
 Merianne White 
 Andrew Simms 
 Matt Dinghee 
 Dianna Miller
 Jean Fosdick
 Ufuk Agar
 Wendy Rose 
 Toby Paterson
 Jo Dee Koller
 Andreas Wickberg
 Stuart Ritchie 
 Meryem Ural 
 William Gulland 
 Nedim Fresko

Naah... (Declining)  16
 Hideya Kawahara: It's toooooo bad that I already had another plan for that day... Thanks for inviting me, though. (6/22)
 HŚkan Jakobsson: Unfortunately, can't make it. (6/21)
 Steve Kroll: Sorry, stuck in Lodi again. Actually, Shasta but either way, I can't make it. Enjoy all and thanks for the invite. (6/21)
 Doug Steedman: The Swedish folk-rock band would have been irresistible (the herring being eminently resistible). But ... we can't come, since we already accepted another invite for that time. Have fun! (6/21)
 Art Clarke: (+ 1 guest) Ack. Can't make it. (6/20)
 Bob Vadnais: Thanks for the invite, but I'm not going to be in town that weekend. But please keep me on your invitee list! :) (6/20)
 Bengt Christensson: (+ 1 guest) Darn, we have accepted another midsommarphest down in ze valley already, so we will have to pass. Great evite stuff! And Keica - yes, you all have to be nekkid. And bloond. (6/20)
 Jay Shrauner: Forgot had a prior debauchery commitment in San Diego for that weekend...sorry. (6/18)
 Sairam Suresh: argh. will be baking in the backwaters of texas this weekend.... (6/15)
 Nicole Boyer: Alas, I'm away in Montreal for a client retreat! I can't believe I'll miss this...I'm sure Toby will perform for both of us :) (6/15)
 Jim Waters: Wish I could, but I'm going to be off at a river rescue training that weekend. Have an extra drink for me! (6/15)
 Martin Gren: (+ 2 guests) As we do the real thing in Sweden we cannot make it, although we really wish. Doing 2 midsummers would be even better than only one. - Martin, Mia and young Erik (6/15)

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