Midsummer Millennium Madness Addendum


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We have a location and a change of time. We even have a Maypole and a Swedish folk rock band!

The place is Sveadal / Uvas Canyon County Park which is located just south of San Jose about level with Morgan Hill. Sveadal is a private resort belonging to the Swedish-American Patriotic League and they are organizing a big midsummer bash for the whole San Francisco Bay Area. They have a pool that we're welcome to use and all sorts of stuff happening throughout the day, including a Swedish folk rock band playing at 4:15 PM, although there is a ticket admission price of $12 to enjoy their festivities.

Uvas Canyon County Park is a public park immediately adjacent to Sveadal. They have a campground with 25 individual sites, all with picnic tables, water, BBQ pits, and even Real Toilets™. The camping area is situated next in a lush, shaded area just next to a ravine with a little creek running through it. It's separate, but within easy walking distance from the rest of the festivities at Sveadal.  There is a camping fee of $15 per site for one car, $21 for two cars.  Max two tents / 8 people per site.

That is the good news. The bad news is that it's all first-come, first-serve, which means that we're not guaranteed any spots. They don't always fill up on weekends, but this is likely to be a relatively popular day. To help increase our chances in securing a couple of sites, I'd like to get there by 2 pm or (preferably!) earlier.  That should also give us enough time to relax and enjoy the scenery before devouring the little fishies later in the afternoon.  We might also be able to camp on the Sveadal grounds if all else fails.

It takes about an hour and a half to drive there from San Francisco, so please allow adequate time from wherever you might be.

Uvas Canyon County Park is located at the end of Croy Road in Uvas Canyon. From Highway 101, take Bernal Road west. Turn left on Santa Teresa Boulevard. Travel south three miles and turn right onto Bailey Avenue. Follow Bailey Road 2.3 miles to McKean Road. Turn left onto McKean Road (McKean Road becomes Uvas Road 2.2 miles south of Bailey Road). From Bailey Road travel 6 miles south on McKean/Uvas Road and turn right onto Croy Road. Continue 4.4 miles on Croy Road, through Sveadal, to reach the Park entrance.

(Directions can also be found on Sveadal's page.)  I'm adding a few extra questions to the RSVP form to see if we can get together some kind of ride pooling and tent sharing.  Please press the back button now and update your RSVP form if you're in the Absolut!® category. Thanks!

Hey, this is going to be fun!

PS. Curious about the history of the Swedish Midsummer celebrations?  Go to Traditions and public holidays in Sweden and click on Midsummer - a summer celebration or Midsummer food.




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