Lucia -85


Date: 6 Dec 85 15:42 PST
Subject: Lucia & Farewell Party
To: ISL^.pa,,, sun!stjarna!, decwrl!spar!, Nordmark@SU-Sushi, Risch@SRI-AI, JWalters@SRI-AI

Hej hopp!

I'll be leaving PARC soon, but before that it would be fun to see you all at a party (yahoo!) given by me and my housemates.  We're throwing the party on December 13 in remembrance of the famous Swedish tradition of Lucia.  It also happens to be my last Friday here.  In order not to interfere too much with Ken's Lucia celebration, the party will start late enough to allow you to go to both, say around 8-9 pm.

We'll try to offer you all the well-known Lucia specialties, like glögg (of course!), lussekatter (Lucian cats), pepparkakor (pepper cakes), and öl (beer).  Students with ID and a singing spirit will have the opportunity to try The Most Essential Drink for all academic occasions: Carlshamns Flagg Punsch (no, not punch).

So, remember that the Vikings might come anytime -- learn the habits of the invaders before it's too late!  Especially, memorize the following song for the coming celebration:

"Punschen kommer
punschen kommer
ljuv och sval.
Glasen imma
röster stimma
i vår sal.
Tänk på glada minnen,
tänk på varje vår.
Inga sorger finnas än
när punsch vi får.
(The punsch is coming,
the punsch is coming,
sweet and cool.
The glasses are condensing,
the voices are stirring,
in our hall.
Think of merry memories,
think of every spring.
No sorrows exist any longer
when punsch we drink.)

No comes the tricky part: the address.  Our house is a little bit hard to find.  It's logical address is 458 Ferne Ave., which is parallel to and just north of San Antonio Road.  The physical one... well, let's see, if you come from El Camino, you take San Antonio east, then Alma north, then immediately turn right into Ferne.  Now follow Ferne through out all its bends almost all the way back to San Antonio.  Turn right on the 2nd-to-last cul-de-sac and you'll find our house behind a mess of cars.  Just follow the noise...

Coming from 101, you go south on San Antonio, then bear right just after the Arco gas station where the road forks.  Go right after the bus yard and you're on Ferne.  The 2nd cul-de-sac to the left will get you to the same place as above.

Vi syns,



H o m e U p N e x t