Lennart's Stockholm Faves


Don't know what do do while in Stockholm?  Here are some suggestions from a part-time local:

General info sites about Stockholm

bulletAllt om Stockholm -- an entertainment & event guide run by TV4
bulletStockholm à la Carte -- aka Destination Stockholm, a hotel and entertainment booking site

Doing the sightseeing thing

bulletStockholm Sightseeing -- tour around town in a bus or a boat (1-1½ h)
bulletStockholms Stadshus -- the Stockholm City Hall that is one of Sweden's most famous buildings in the National Romantic style. (Kungsholmen)
bullet Stockholms Slott -- the Royal Palace. Come and visit the King & Queen! (Gamla stan)
bulletKaknästornet -- Great views of the city from 150 m up. (Gärdet)

Fun on Djurgården, Stockholm's leisure island

bulletSkansen -- A great outdoor heritage museum & zoo & park!  Wonderful for a lazy afternoon with lots of space for walking.
bulletWasamuséet -- A museum dedicated to the war ship Wasa that sunk in 1628 but was salvaged (whole) in the 1961.
bulletGröna Lund -- Amusement park with rides, stands, restaurants, bars, music, etc.
bullet Rosendal Castle & Garden -- 19th C Royal "leisure castle" and (vegetable, fruit, flower) garden.  Free apples!
bulletVarious museums -- Djurgården is also home for the Nordic Museum, Biological Museum, Aquaria Water Museum, etc.
bulletThe rest of Djurgården -- miles of paths & trails (walk, bike, ride) with pretty nature and old buildings.

More Museums

bulletNaturhistoriska Riksmuséet -- The Swedish Museum of Natural History (Norrmalm)
bulletVin- och Sprithistoriska Muséet -- The Wine & Liquor Museum, always a favorite of mine ;-) (Vasastan)
bulletTekniska Muséet -- The Museum of Technology (Gärdet)
bulletSjöhistoriska Muséet -- The National Maritime Museum (Gärdet)
bulletSkansen -- A wonderful heritage museum & zoo (Djurgården)
bulletWasamuséet -- A museum dedicated to the war ship Wasa that sunk in 1628 but was salvaged (whole) in the 1961. (Djurgården)
bulletNordiska Muséet -- The Nordic Museum, art and design from the Nordic countries (Djurgården)
bulletBiologiska Muséet -- The Biological Museum, Swedish flora & fauna (Djurgården)
bullet Aquaria Vattenmuseum -- The Aquaria Water Museum, all about water: Rain Forests, Tropical Seas, Mountain Seas, The Baltic Sea. (Djurgården)
bulletStockholms Medeltidsmuseum -- The Stockholm Medieval Museum (Gamla stan)
bulletStockholms Stadsmuseum -- The Stockholm City Museum (Södermalm)

Nice areas to go for a walk in

bullet Skeppsholmen & Kastellholmen -- Little islands in the center of Stockholm with mostly museums and old military installations.  Great views of Östermalm, Gamla stan, and Södermalm.
bullet Gamla stan -- Cobblestone streets that winds up & down narrow alleys in the oldest parts of the town (1600s). (Gamla stan)
bullet Maria -- More cobblestone streets with great views of Kungsholmen and Gamla stan from the "Heights of the South" (Södermalm)
bullet Katarina -- Yet more cobblestone streets with great views of Djurgården and Gamla stan from the "Heights of the South" (Södermalm)
bullet Söder Mälarstrand -- Ship after ship (many of them converted hotels & restaurants) lined up at a long water front with great views of Kungsholmen (Södermalm)
bullet Långholmen -- An old prison island that became a lush park with great views and cozy little trails (Södermalm)
bullet Tantolunden etc -- Also great views and gorgeous little cottages (kolonilotter) on the main southern island (Södermalm)


bulletDesigntorget -- Really cool things with well thought-through designs (Norrmalm, Östermalm, Södermalm)
bulletNK -- Nordiska Kompaniet. classic Swedish department store (Norrmalm)
bulletHötorget / Drottninggatan / Sergels torg -- More and yet more stores of all kinds (Norrmalm)
bullet Östermalmshallen / Hötorgshallen / Söderhallarna -- Indoor food courts with lots of wonderful stuff to buy and gawk at(daytime; Östermalm / Norrmalm / Södermalm)

Cafes & Markets

bulletÖstermalmshallen / Hötorgshallen / Söderhallarna -- great indoor markets with all sorts of fresh foods. (Östermalm / Norrmalm / Södermalm)
bulletKaffekoppen etc -- A group of little cozy cafes by Stortorget. (Gamla stan)
bulletCafé Skänken -- Great sandwiches & teas in a cozy environment. (Gamla stan)

Bars & Pubs

bullet Ice Bar -- A little bit of Jukkasjärvi in Stockholm -- a bar completely made of ice! (Warm dress included) (Norrmalm)
bulletThe Loft -- Nice laid back Irish bar with good food and big wood beams. (Norrmalm)
bulletStureplan -- A set of "in" bars & clubs, e.g. Spy Bar, Sturehof and Sturecompagniet.  (Östermalm)
bullet Wirströms -- Great old Irish pub with cellar vaults and live music (Gamla stan)
bulletZum Franziskaner -- Great old German pub with beautiful interior (Gamla stan)
bulletGamla Stans Bryggeri / Pontus by the Sea -- A microbrewery turned into a TV entertainment turned into an upscale restaurant. (Gamla stan)
bulletArdbeg Room -- New bar specializing in single malt whiskeys and great ales, often live music (Gamla stan)
bulletAkkurat / Oliver Twist -- My favorite pubs, have direct import British Real Ale, an amazing whiskey and Belgian beer selection and good food to boot (Södermalm)
bulletGondolen -- Swank lounge with the amazing best views of Stockholm (Södermalm)
bulletThe bars on Götgatan -- O'Leary's, Krönet, Tiffany's, Mest, Patrick's, Högbergs, ... Stockholm's #1 bar street! (Södermalm)
bulletMosebacke Etablissement -- Great indoor music bar and outdoor drink & food serving with beautiful views of Stockholm (Södermalm)
bulletThe Bishop's Arms -- Friendly British pub with good beer among the cobblestone streets of Katarina. (Södermalm)

Restaurants (A Tiny Selection)

bulletRestaurant Malaysia -- Great Malaysian food, vegetarian friendly (Vasastan)
bullet Östermalmshallen / Hötorgshallen / Söderhallarna -- Indoor food courts with lots of wonderful stuff to eat and drink (daytime; Östermalm / Norrmalm / Södermalm)
bulletGlenn Miller Cafe -- Great Belgian food & drink with live jazz in a cozy environment (Norrmalm)
bulletOperakällarens Bakficka -- Literally the back pocket of the Opera Cellar, tiny place with traditional Swedish food for decent prices, no reservations. (Norrmalm)
bullet Gåsgränd 4 -- Tiny little restaurant with outdoor seating among the cobble stones of the Old Town (Gamla stan)
bulletAkkurat / Oliver Twist -- (See above; Södermalm)
bulletBröderna Olssons -- Goth meets Garlic -- lots of garlic! Now with Country & Rock in the bar. (Södermalm and London)
bulletSoldaten Svejk -- Comfy bar & restaurant with great Czech beer & food (Södermalm)
bulletGondolen / Restaurant Erik -- Swank lounge and upscale restaurant with amazing views over town. (Södermalm)
bulletMosebacke Terrass -- Busy outdoor food & drink terrace with beautiful views of Stockholm (Södermalm)
bulletMarie Laveau -- Excellent dining and best drinks in town (Södermalm).
bullet Matkultur -- Superb multicultural food in an "off" location! (Södermalm)
bulletHappy India -- Nice little Indian restaurant by Mariatorget (Södermalm)
bullet Koh Phangan -- Part restaurant, part theme park; good food, fun place, often crowded. (Södermalm)
bulletHo's -- The only decent Chinese restaurant in town? (Södermalm)

Haven't been to yet, but would like to try

bulletCafé Piastowska -- Polish restaurant with great atmosphere (Tegnergatan 5, Norrmalm)
bulletCave de Roi -- Lebanese food with lots of entertainment (Huvudsta)
bulletRestaurang Rött -- Jamaican food, great jambalaya (Vasastan)
bulletLillstugan -- Very good Swedish food with a Carl Larsson ambiance (Helenelund)
bulletSjögräs -- A cool, relaxed atmosphere with California inspired food, rum bar downstairs. (Timmermansgatan 24, Södermalm)
bulletWC -- Trendy, crossover cuisine, open-air when weather permits. (Skånegatan 15, Södermalm)
bulletNils-Emil -- Fancy, high quality restaurant. (Folkungagatan 122, Södermalm)


bullet Café Opera ("Caféet") -- Trendy, elegant, expensive...  The classic night club in Stockholm.  Expect to have to wait in line and pay through the nose -- if you get in...  But it is really gorgeous inside!  (Norrmalm)
bulletBerns -- Elegant restaurant & bar in a period building with a lively disco at night. (Norrmalm)
bulletStureplan -- More "in" bars & clubs, e.g. Spy Bar, Sturehof and Sturecompagniet.  More lines, more "beautiful people." (Östermalm)
bulletMosebacke Etablissement -- Great indoor music bar and outdoor drink & food serving with beautiful views of Stockholm (Södermalm)
bulletM/S Patricia -- A floating disco and bar right next to Slussen. (Södermalm)

Excursions with car/train/boat outside of town

bullet Saltsjöbaden -- pretty archipelago countryside with yacht harbor, walkabout island, sea bath, accessible by local train or car (30 min each way)
bulletDrottningholm -- Royal Domain & Castle on an island in Lake Mälaren, part of the World Heritage List (car, 30 min each way)
bulletGo Geocaching -- find hidden stashes of goodies using GPS around Stockholm and neighborhood (30 min - 2 h, car)
bulletFjäderholmarna -- the archipelago islands closest to Stockholm with crafts, museums, exhibitions, restaurants, etc. (20 min by boat each way)
bulletRIB Sightseeing -- experience Stockholm - Vaxholm at 45 knots! (1½ h)
bulletVaxholm & Värmdö -- V1: nice old town on the border of the archipelago with old castle, connected with ferries to V2 which is the biggest island west of Stockholm, connected by bridges to the mainland (1-2h by car)
bulletJazz & dinner cruise onboard the venerable steamers S/S Saltsjön (but not 2006?) or S/S Blidösund (½ day).  (More alternatives on Stockholm Town's cruise page too!)
bullet Furusund & Norrtälje -- F: pretty sequence of connected islands accessible by car; N: nice little town where my family have a place and my Dad grew up (1 h drive each way + time there)
bulletSkärgården -- The archipelago outside Stockholm with its millions (well, almost) of gorgeous little islands, most of which are connected by a network of ferries (4 h - 2 days)
bulletÅland -- Day cruise to the semi-independent island of Åland (1 day)
bulletHelsinki -- Overnight fun cruise to the Finnish capital (Silja or Viking line; 2 days)



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