Lennart Lövstrand

101 Landers Street +1 415-935-3656 (phone) lennart@lovstrand.com
San Francisco, CA 94114 +1 603-697-8437 (fax) http://www.lovstrand.com
  • Versatile systems and applications developer with 20+ years experience.
  • Special interests in networking (particularly electronic multimedia mail and web related services), graphical user interfaces, and systems design & development.
  • Proficient C, Objective-C, C++, Lisp, Scheme, Fortran, and Assembly programmer on UNIX/MACH (Linux, MacOS X, NeXTSTEP, SunOS), Windows NT/XP, TOPS-20, Interlisp-D, and CP/M.
  • GUI and visual design sense, experienced with Display PostScript, X11, Win32, HTML, JavaScript.
  • Customer centered, self-motivated and independent.
  • Fluent in English and Swedish, knowledgeable of German and French.
  • Dual US / Swedish Citizen.
2003 - present Self Employed San Francisco, CA, USA

Independent Software Developer & Consultant: C, C# / MacOS X, Windows XP.

  • Writing e-mail server software for Mailblocks Inc.
  • Producing simulation software for a consumer device for Sonata Systems, Inc.
  • Working on independent software development projects.
1997 - 2003 Microsoft Corporation Mountain View, CA, USA
1996 - 1997 WebTV Networks, Inc. Palo Alto, CA, USA

Senior Software Engineer: C / Solaris and C++, C# / Windows 2000 / XP.

  • Member of the Core Services Group with special responsibility for electronic messaging and infrastructure.
  • Designed and wrote a complete MIME message implementation, HTML rendering engine, and message storage architecture for the WebTV Service.
  • Designed and wrote a second generation service-based mail application featuring a retargetable backend architecture for Microsoft TV Services.
  • Created a graphical TV UI viewer/editor and tools for managing resource files.
  • Co-designed and implemented a scripting language called Jinx.
1991 - 1996 NeXT Computer, Inc. Redwood City, CA, USA

Senior Software Engineer: Objective-C under NEXTSTEP.

  • Wrote an extensive MIME implementation for NeXT’s Mail.app that includes support for enriched text, partial and external-body messages and added a number of new features such as escape completion, continuous sizing, search & focus, Emacs keybindings, URL highlighting, dynamic extensions, etc.
  • Wrote a Post Office and UNIX Gateway for a next generation Mail-2 Project.
  • Created a system administration tool for remote file system sharing (NFS).
  • Ported NEXTSTEP applications and libraries to proprietary RISC hardware.
  • Ported large portions of BSD4.4 to NEXTSTEP and general UNIX tools to Windows/NT. Responsible for networking and sysadmin commands.
  • Technical liaison and OpenStep consultant on loan to SunSoft, Inc.
1987 - 1991 Rank Xerox EuroPARC Cambridge, UK

Research Scientist: Research in Computer Supported Cooperative Work.

  • Principal investigator and implementor of the Khronika Project on event notifications and shared awareness. Project presented at ECSCW-91.
  • Core member and main implementor of the Buttons Project on user tailorability.
  • Co-author and implementor of the Referrals Project on electronic contacts.
  • Wrote tools and libraries for the EuroPARC integrated A/V environment.
  • Systems administrator of the lab’s computing environment.
  • Wrote and published ImageViewer, a popular ~20 format image converter and viewer for NEXTSTEP (freeware).
1986 ASEA Research and Innovation Linköping, Sweden


  • Designed and implemented a knowledge representation project.
1985 Xerox PARC Palo Alto, CA, USA


  • Wrote a prototype animated 3D information visualizer on an SGI 2400.
1983 - 1987 Linköping University Linköping, Sweden

Teaching / Research Assistant, Member of Technical Staff

  • System administrator responsible for electronic mail and networking.
  • Original author of the IDA Sendmail Enhancement Kit.
  • Taught programming in Scheme to members of the industry.
  • Taught Interlisp and Assembly programming to 2nd to 4th year university students
1982 - 1987 Linköping University Linköping, Sweden

Master of Science in Computer Science with Psychology and Linguistics

  • Specializing in general program construction and artificial intelligence.

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Lövstrand, L.; Being Selectively Aware with the Khronika Event Notification System, Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (ECSCW-91), October 1991.

MacLean, A., K. Carter, L. Lövstrand, T. Moran; User-Tailorable Systems: Pressing the Issues with Buttons, Proceedings of the Conference on Computer-Human Interaction (CHI-90), April 1990.

Lövstrand, L.; Electronic Mail Addressing in Theory and Practice, Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University, May 1987. Report no. LiTH-IDA-Ex-8715.

Lövstrand, L.; The Message Manager (MM) User’s Guide and Reference Manual, Editor, Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University, March 1986. Report no. IDA SYSDOC 31.1.

Lövstrand, L.; Proceedings of the First Annual SVADA Conference, Editor, October 1983.

Travel, languages, foreign cultures and cuisines, hiking, mountains, photography, reading, writing, music, film, philosophy, art, acting, games, gadgets, the Internet, and everything else that tickles my mind!