Lennart's Favorite Links: Brilliant to Bizzare


What a strange big net it's become...

Easy come, easy go. If you find that any of the links below are obsolete, please let me know. My mail address is at the bottom of the page.

General Reference Pages

bulletYourDictionary.com -- a plethora of dictionaries and thesauruses in more languages that you can shake a stick at.
bulletMetasearch. "The original way to search the search engines, since 1995".
bulletPankaj's General Reference Sites Dictionaries, Phonebooks, Government, Scientific Tables, Places, Miscellaneous.

Local (Palo Alto, California -- yeah, I know I've moved...)

bulletPalo Alto Online, your local community pages.
bulletThe Palo Alto Weekly. An independent and locally owned newspaper published every Wednesday and Friday.
bulletDine.com (formerly the Bay Area Restaurant Guide). Lots and lots of places reviewed by readers like you (and me ;-).

Stockholm / Sweden

bulletAllt om Stockholm (Everything about Stockholm), Restaurants, Bars, Nightlife, Music, Film, Culture -- you name it!
bulletEniro -- Yellow Pages, Maps, Directions & more.
bulletkulturCHOCK! A treasure of Swedish/English goodies. Check it out even if you aren't a Swede!
bulletDagens Nyheter, my favorite Swedish daily newspaper. [Swedish]
bulletThe Swedish television TV2's Rapport news broadcasts. [Swedish]
bulletSVT Text-TV. Swedish television's videotext service with continuously updated news of the world. [Swedish]
bulletDagens Eko. Hourly RealAudio recordings of the Swedish Radio P2 news casts. [Swedish]


bulletSimon Wildgust's UK Comedy Clips -- Serving Healthy Portions of Adult Humor (18+).
bullet ENaddict.com -- Funny Videos, Celebrities and Galleries.
bulletDave's Daily -- Funny, Strange, Bizarre News Stories and Pictures from Around the World.
bullet And of course the one and only: The Onion!


bulletThe Infamous Exploding Whale. No, it's not just another urban myth! Download the quicktime movie and watch the earth get showered with... uh, whale blubber.
bulletNews of the Weird. I wonder why these reports always seem to originate in the US...
bulletThe Capt. James T. Kirk Sing-a-long Page. Scary, very scary.
bulletBeard Research. Scientific fun with facial hair.
bullet Urine Love. Uh, yah. Whatever. If you say so. <Gulp>
bullet Dicked Around. "Ron Nance spent his inheritance to become a member of the elite club of men with humongous penises."
bulletCaffé Lardo. Un petit déjeuner avec Begian Gut-Bomb (fresh lard molded into the shape of a waffle, comes with fruit) et un petit Caffe Orientale (espresso swimming with savory MSG chunks) ou pêut-etre un grand Caffe Medicini (a mocha blended with orange zest & topped with whipped Prozac)?
bullet"A Real Doll (TM)" Feeling lonely horny? Bored with the limitations of reality? Looking for someone who won't talk back at you? (Uh, on second thought make that "something"...)



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