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From: Lennart Lovstrand <>
To: Sillphest-97:;
Subject: This Ain't No Rollmops

Now that I hopefully got you all thinking in the right direction, consider this:

It's summer.

It's warm.

It's bright.

It's time to celebrate --

-- it's time to bring out the HERRING and the AQUAVIT!

Yes folks, it's that time of year again. Midsummer is the time when all Swedes let their natural inhibitions go, feast on pickled herring, down shots of flavored aquavit, sing silly songs, get into a drunken stupor, and puke their guts up.*

After all, it's Tradition... And who am I to break with it?

For the umpteenth or so year in a row, it gives me great pleasure to invite y'all to A Very Swedish Midsummer Party* on:

Friday, June 20, 1997
18:00 to Sauna Time**

This year, we're being hosted by my most excellent friend Andrew (he has a big back yard) at:

990 California Street in
Mountain View

(between Castro and Shoreline)

NB: This being a fairly social sit down kind of event, prompt arrival is appreciated. All going well, the first filets of fragrent Clupea harengus harengus will be consumed to the old tune of Helan Går with a collective gulp o' spirituous sancti at 18:30 sharp (or thereabouts).

Feel free to bring a friend, but
*** RSVP SLVP ***
at least if you intend to come.

Also, please don't drink & drive. It's a capital crime in Sweden (well, almost). Bring a sleeping bag or a non-drinking buddy instead.

Now for a bit of background: Midsummer Eve is the time for one of the biggest festivities in the Swedish calendar. It's the time when summer is at its height and nature displays all its beauty. Work stops early and everybody relaxes and kicks back a bit from their busy schedules. All around the country, Swedes get together with their friends and family, at home in their gardens, or away at some secret country side spot. There, they have a feast of pickled herring, potatoes, sour cream, chives, bread, cheese, beer, and of course, shots of aquavit, flavored with traditional herbs and berries, all to the gently setting sun on this shortest night of the year. Ahh...

(It is also the busiest night for the police all around the country since a whole bunch of drunken Swedes can cause quite a havoc. But that's another story.)

See ya,

*) The act or instance of disgorging the contents of the stomach through the mouth is entirely optional and quite frankly not really recommended.

**) Probably around midnight or so when everyone is pickled pink and properly primed. (Prudes pfft!)



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