Sillphest -95


From: Lennart Lovstrand <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 95 17:06:41 -0700
Subject: Herring, Shmerring ~ Honey, I Drank the Fish! ~ Sillphest '95 ~ You want me to eat WHAT?! ~ What goes down...

Yes folks, it's that time of the year again. The time to gently sit back and enjoy the sunshine. The time to relax in the company of good friends. The time to marinade the fish and stick a few branches of absinth in the aquavit. The time for...

A Herring Party!

After much deliberation (yesterday afternoon) and careful planning (also yesterday afternoon) and given the fact that my stock of genuine pickled herring will rot unless consumed presently (just kidding), I have decided to throw a limited seating traditional Swedish midsummer herring & aquavit party in the honor of... in the honor of... uh... in the honor of... the Elk! Yes, that's right, the elk being an underrepresented animal in our world most certainly deserve some long overdue attention. Besides, what other good reason can you find for driving a Saab or a Volvo? I mean, they may be safe but they aren't exactly good looking cars after all. (God forbid if you disagree, because then nobody walks safe on the streets anymore -- especially not the elk.)

Anyway, where were we? Yes, the herring! As some of you may know, a traditional etc herring & aquavit party is composed of:

a) Beer, b) Herring, c) Aquavit, d) People, and e) Silly Songs

Plus some additional accessories, such as potatoes, chives, sour cream, dill, utensils, etc, etc, I think you get the point. Despite of what some of you herring virgins may think, the fish actually tastes quite good, especially in the company of some ice chilled highly alcoholic liquids. I assure you, this is a cultural treat not to be missed! Besides, if previous events are to be trusted, it usually turns into a lot of fun, often ending the evening with wild debauchery and heavy petting. Well, one could at least wish.

The plan is to gather all of the above at my abode:

18:00 this Saturday July 1 at 207 High Street in Palo Alto
(near Hawthorne and Alma, 3 blocks north of University)

Sorry for the late notice, but external circumstances forced this event to materialize at exactly this point in space and time. Also, since this is a limited seating event (if you've been to my house, you know what I mean), I need your RSVP ASAP. It's OK to bring a friend or two, but let me know first so I can make enough space & food. There is no need to bring anything, except possibly your pet elk if you have one.


PS. Andrew, if you know if any more Swedish au pair girls, feel free to invite them too. ;-)



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